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Cagalli88's Rurouni Kenshin Ova Review

Rurouni Kenshin

Rated: 9

I really love the conclusion of this anime. And i really cried my heart out at the ending. Kaoru's love was soo powerful that she could even sense Kenshin's presence. And even though Kenshin's memory is failing him so badly, he doesnt fail to remember Kaoru. This proves that unlike Tomoe, Kaoru's love was irreplaceable and stronger.
All in all i think this, in the end is a story of love & sacrifices. The people behind this animation/story must have put in alot of effort into putting in emotions and tear-jerking moments. It isn't easy to create such a situation so i really applaued them to be able to succeed in it. Ruruoni Kenshin Seisohen is a story worth re-watching. Ah, do prepare loads of tissues cos you'll need them! the end..

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Cagalli88's Ouran High School Host Club Tv And Manga Review

Ouran High School Host Club

Rated: 8

Overall, i really enjoyed this anime. It makes me go "Kyaaaa!!! Senior Honey is sooo cute" and makes me go, "Kyahahahhaha!!!!" whenever Tamaki makes his antiques. The first episode already caused me to crack up. There was a point where Tamaki hugs Haruhi and says, "Good, Good, Very Good". And then Haruhi will call Mori for help. At that point Tamaki was like, "Hanasanai yo, hanasanai, hanasana....hanasa..aaaah...." That is the point Mori caught Haruhi and pulled her from Tamaki's hug.

Both the manga and the anime is equally good in humour which is really rare. Some animes, the jokes in the manga is funnier than the anime but Ouran is not like that. I wouldn NEVER give this anime a MISS cos it is really good. I do read the manga and i will also recommend it to you.

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Cagalli88's Paradise Kiss Tv And Manga Review

Paradise Kiss

Rated: 7

All in all, Paradise Kiss is a wonderful story packed with beautiful art, beautiful characters and not forgetting, beatiful designs! Personally i LOVE this manga and if i were given the chance to make everyone go out and buy the copies, i would! Its one of the best manga that i have ever read and i strongly recommend this to you.

Give Paradise Kiss a try, afterall, we have seen too many mangas that have big boobs, fighting scenes, love triangle, dramas and bla bla bla. Paradise Kiss is faar from that. It is a mature reading (meaning that relationships are handled maturely, no backstabbing or love triangles that cannot be solved) I really enjoyed reading Paradise Kiss. It doesnt lack in humour and is a fun read. Like i mention earlier, the comedic timing is flawless.

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Cagalli88's Gakuen Alice Tv Review

Gakuen Alice

Rated: 7

Gakuen Alice is definitely a must-see anime. It is cute, funny and not to mention, ADORABLE! It definitely doesn't lack in humour. Its gags so far have been funny too! You won't get bored watching it and i must say, it makes you feel you want to see it again and again! And i am not kidding!

Although, for those who are picky about the kind of animes they watch or thinks that kiddy anime is not their kind, do give Gakuen Alice a try. If you're looking for a laugh or two, this anime is for you. (of course, not forgetting Kodocha)

Overall, Gakuen Alice is a really enjoyable anime (i really enjoyed it! It makes me laugh my heart out!!) plus, you will definitely fall in love with the adorable characters.

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Cagalli88's Diamond Dust Drops Tv Review

Diamond Dust Drops

Rated: 7

It is rare that an anime can provide a coherent story in just one or two episodes. Every story is fast-paced, but also admires the beauty of the surrounding places and scenic spots. It is after all paying homage to the 'travelling game'. Each story has its own levels of humor, romance, and melodrama. And I enjoyed each one up until the end. The last episode shows all the girls in one city (Sapporo), some intertwining with one another, and then finally enjoying their first experience with the diamond dust.

There are also two characters who show up in cameos, randomly in each girl's story, it's kinda funny to see them. In the last episode we know their names and their own little story. It's very nice. Actually, this anime is very nice overall.

A recommended watch.

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Cagalli88's Prétear Tv Review


Rated: 6

One thing about this anime is the hilarious Tanaka voiced by the ever so talanted Koyasu Takehito!! He is short, middle-bald and seemed to know the 'park' that the Awayuki family have. Noy exactly 'park' but more to a jungle. They have bears, crocodile, extinct birds and whats WEIRD is that these animals adore Tanaka!! Their signs of affection includes; biting his bald shining head. Koyasu's voice is so coical!

There were several sad moments especially the episode whereby Hayate finally revealed his feelings for Himeno**spoilers** It is just so touching! The final episode whereby **spoiler** Himeno managed to become Pretear herself witout MERGINNG with the kinghts will make you go, "HAAAA!! Sugoi!!"

In terms of enjoyability, i'll rate it 3/5.

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Cagalli88's Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Tv Review

Rated: 7

Hm, originality...I am not sure about this becasue Fushigi Yuugi published the manga about this waaay before Harutoki. Furthermore, Yuu Watase spent alot of time researching on the Chinese Legend so maybe Harutoki lacked originality as it comes from a game- turned- anime. Being a fan of Fushigi Yuugi, i have alot to complain about this anime. But, as an anime fan, i watch many series of different perspectives and Harutoki has that 'other perspective' so it IS worth the watch.

However, it is enjoyable to watch because you can FEAST on the cuute guys and oggle at them. Be awed by their fighting skills and the dedication and sacrificed they made for their beloved Priestess.

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Cagalli88's Air Tv Review


Rated: 7

This series is quite complicated but overall is pretty easy to understand. Regarding humour, i think the producers lacked it even though it had some in the series. I find it very hard to laugh at the jokes because its pretty lame and its limited. This series emphasise more on the seriousness of the situation but there is always Misuzu to light things up. This is a pretty dark anime considering the town seemed to lack residents! In terms of originality, well, i think it is most original to talk about a totally new legend rather than , "A normal high school girl was suddenly transported to a another...." Typical cliche legend. One more thing, i mentioned that whenever Misuzu gets close with anyone, she will break down and show the tantrum of a kid.

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